Thursday, April 13


Ive been working on a new test platform for a small robot that uses minimal parts instead of a com[plex chassis to speed assembly and repair or replacement of damageed componets.
The resault for the first prototype is a trike design with a single servo driving the back wheel and the motors that came with the viper kit from microbric driving the robot.
Power is from a seven cell NiMH pack running a rectifier diode as protection against reverse power hook up.
The sensor pack is just some leds, a piezo speaker and a bump sensor at the moment but plans to add wall sensing via infrared or ultrasonics are afoot.
The viper bolts to the plexiglass via two brass risers and the servo screws to the plexiglass, all the parts are part of a stressed chassis and the viper makes up the lower beck and the top deck curenttly holds the battery and servo.


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