Thursday, April 6


Well The MICROBRIC company is taking leaps and bounds with its range of robot experimentaion products and the latest news is going to really bring a smile to our faces. The wise men (and women ?) at the South Australian based company have opened up their online shop with a whole new range of repackaged products aimed squarely at overseas buyers. The box sets contain the same parts as the shelf release items but the box is half size to reduce postage and handling and combined post on several add packs purchased at the same time keeps the price down. Check it out if your not near a dick smith store and you end up only spending about the same amount as in store due to cheaper costs on the stuff itself, all good from where im sitting :)
On another note, a while ago i sent an idea for a 90 degree adaptor to Josh at microbrics support center after some talk in email and the forums. Well after some feedback heres where they are up to at the moment with it.
Cool, this little mod will allow vertical motor placement, repostioning of line trackers to work as obstical advoidance sensors and even three dimensional models for more advanced constructions. only time will tell how these little gems will surface, in packs or kits or as part of a promotion ? What else does the fledgeling company have hiding ? the skorpion next, or a new sensor pack, maybe even an led screen...the possiablites are endless, and they want to know about it too, so give them a vist and fill in the form on the main page to let them know what you all want. quick call for the robot medics the venom is spreading and its not all bad :)


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