Sunday, April 16


Well the Trike has been upgraded so I thought an update to keep you thinking what im going to do next was in order. Ive added a new upper deck and placed a hacked mother board from the lego rcx brick into it . The user buttons have been hacked into with real buttons mounted in the board to turn on the rcx and increment the program slot. The run button and view buttons will be jacked into the viper to allow control of the lcd screen and program runtime to save power. The RCX will also talk to the viper to allow analouge to digital conversion and multiplexing digital to analouge switches etc to allow a single wire control from the rcx with up to 16 buttons attached. The bulldog trike has a comman earth and this will allow easier use of sensors etc by limiting wiring later on. A new double wheel went on the back to help keep it stable and theres still heaps of wiring to go yet.... More in a few days..


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