Monday, April 10


OK heres some links and news from around thw web about the sites and features we have spread out everywhere. MICROBRIC fans head over to the latest facts and tips at the viper site, now has a new faq on issuse with the viper as we find them, goto HERE Lego is very quiet at the moment with the testers testing away, pity they didnt have the foresight to let out more info now the testinf has started, we want to know more !!!! The raptor is on hold as a project, im going to use the brain later and the parts are bieng used in new projects. The v2 is sitting resting while i hack and prod the viper. But for all you fans heap over to All right, now for the media philes. video robot group HERE and photos HERE and the frap robot battle robot map named the worldwide battle raptors, is located HERE
wallpaper image for your download....


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