Tuesday, April 4



well just an update on whats going on The latest from the labs and news from the backrooms where robots cry for help...
Well ive upgraded images for the micro brick site with povray images i created for the intent of building plans like the manual for the viper to keep the look uniform. ill clean up the code for the pov file soon and release it for others to use, but for now its best to load one of my wallpapers from the site to your pc to drool over the models you can make in VR ( virtual realty for those too new to remember) with parts you dont own...i need to get the extra servo pack to build that so its on the list as well.
I have some more micro bric stuff soon including programs and the next project is going to be power supplies, i need a longer run for testing...
Im rebuilding the main s2c site as a portal as well to locate and navigate my content better as well, its a bit spread out on the net but you go where the people are....
the trike project was started and a review of what that intails is coming to s2c soon as well.
More soon


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