Tuesday, April 4


Well I know i want to get in to robot wrecking but i really didnt mean for it to be like this ....
Well the story so far down in the lab carpark is thus.
Take one beat up mobility scooter, one pile of aluminium and some 24 volt motors and build a outdoor robot with a bit of real world grunt...soultion ? robo trike.
After replacing the whole backend with a lighter alloy section and using a 10amp 24 volt worm drive motor instead of the bulky 24 v 15 amp with added electromechanical brake motor that came with it the length was shortened as well and all the extra handle bars etc removed as well as the seat.
a New 12 volt motor for sterring control from a car wiper assembly was fitted and after finally getting the angles for the sterring linkages sorted I decided to give it a little chassis test by giving the motors a quick boot to see if the thing would be too fast or slow and its easier to redo the ratios now with out the shell on.
Any way, next step went all wrong.
first i touched
the terminals to the batteries to start the motor only meaning to give it a little tickle with the volts, but the terminal soldered itself to the battery post due to the high start up current draw , i couldnt get the terminal off quickly and the motor was too strong for the mounting plate and bent it about 20 degress or so down from the torque as the robot went to go. it must weigh around 35-45 kilograms now with out the batteries on board...nice robot..
REAL ROBOTS EAT MEAT ! projects this big can take off fingers or worse, take care, more then i did....hey myth busters stye alright...!
so dont start your robot with out a decent control system and pulsed power, or a lower voltage etc to try it, an d make sure the motor mount is at least three times stronger then you think you need... happy hacking.


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