Friday, March 3


Ive just been looking at the technology behind the viper cpu over the last few days and have found that MICROBASIC has released a new version of the IDE and a new manual for it as well, theres some new undocumented code examples including,wait for it.... VIDEO OUT COMMANDS.... yep, thats right folks, the viper may just be able to out put a video signal and with the example on the microbasic site there is every chance you can play pong on your viper straight to your tv, and with a playstation controller to boot, but dont take my word for it, im not trying this just yet as its a bit of a hassle umtill i see the wiring for the ps2 controller. but worth looking in to as a user interface. text on a tv from a robot or for disabled people to talk to you via the viper. There is also a pdf on how to use the scope function of the basic IDE , and its meant to monitor the vipers ports so can be set up to help debug outputs. all from your PC. With the inbuilt debugger that works well for the level of processor involved, your all set to have a fairly easy time learning advanced programming for a range of applications....


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