Monday, February 13


So you want to see in side your V2 robosapien from wowwee but dont know what to do next in your quest to find the hacky grail ( yeah I know bad pun..) not sure what to do first, well you have found the right place.... first things first follow the photos and the steps below to get your sapien showing its guts... Then your ready for drastic surgery to his plastic or parts as you see fit.
Here we go, screwdrivers ready ? ok..GO..
  1. locate the six screws in the back of his chest section (back even.) two in each shoulder and four more down the sides of the torso.
  2. 2remove them and put them aside , they are all the same screw type so no hassles mixing these up.
  3. now remove the front of his chest, the back is still held on by more screws inside him.
  4. Now using the phots as a guide locate the four screws holding the back to the chassis and the two screws that hold the shoulder springs to it as well, take out the shoulder springs and the chassis screws and place them aside, be carefull releasing the springs you cant replace our own eyes just yet.
  5. Now carefully remove the back as the speaker and power switch are still attached, undo the cables on the main board to the back using a small screwdriver to release the glue, all the 2 plugs appear glued, this is most likly to reduce returns due to loose plugs from rough shipping.
  6. now remove the black panel in the back where you pick it up, this will allow you to attach more controllers and sensors to him and run the cables during prototyping in to the hole .
  7. now store all the parts and plan your hacks.
welcome to the world of the naked robot....


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