Monday, February 13


Ive installed the cutdown FM radio transmitter into the back area of the sapien, near the speaker so it leaves the torso empty for future haks. Ive added an old aerial from a incar mobile phone kit and just have to build an interface board so i can add plugs to the speaker etc to hack into the signal. Im making the board and another one for 9 volt step down to 6 and 3 for extra sensors. maybe even a 5 volt regulated source for the viper basic stamp prototyping system from microbric. The next thing to do is add an mp3 player to him as well and then hack an fm reciver into the audio of the laptop so i can hear him though the blutooth headset im using with the robodance program with its new voice control, we are still alpha testing it so hang on a while while robert the curator of evosapian and the programmer of dancemachine to finish the bug fixes.


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