Monday, February 27


Well im busy at the moment what with testing robodance 3 software and redesigning the website on top of the robot hacks and projects on the fly, add that to the air hockey table i repaired and there isnt much time left for writing articles. Im going to start adding more content in the next few weeks to the sites but first i need to finalise the new look and style for the site so it looks the part. y V2 head hack is done with it now looking like a cross between pacman and the latest version of MARVIN fromm hitch hikers guide , the movie. I created a monster by crossing his sensors so he ignores you when tracking objects actually looking the wrong way and then jokingly saying tracking when theres nothing there... Im working on some designs for 90 degree bricks for the viper as well as adaptors for adding experimental project elements. stay tuned for more hacks hints and heaps of other good bits. sprocket


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