Friday, February 10


Well it may seem like its been quiet on the outside of the labs, but wipe some grime off the windows and peer in and the sight will amaze and dumbfound you.. So heres a breif of the current projects that are on the bench .
  • viper 2 sapien, emulating ir codes on the viper
  • Mana bionicle lego remote unit hack 2 ??? (not sure yet :P)
  • Sapien auto on from trigger (remove power switch)
  • Alpha testing robodance version 3.
  • SEGWAY style bot upgrades.
  • 4X4 line tracker skid steer high torque hill climber.
  • raptor walking programs (current RCX, future viper or NXT)
  • Chicken walker leg design and prototypeing.
As you can see, we are busy at the moment so it may ( read WILL) take time to get more detailed posts out, keep your eyes o here for releases of where we are up to. We have finished hacking the nose into the v2 and removed his eyes as ell, the mouth IR reciever has also been moved to the face plate and this greatly increased its object tracking to the point its annoying, about 3 feet is easy for him now if the reflection is good. Hmmm now where did I put that little mousey, mousey mousey...


Blogger Mark Clohesy said...

Hey Sean that sounds really cool the stuff you have lined up, Ill have to give you a phone call in the next day or so,

3:58 AM  
Blogger gothic said...

this is for sean you r an idiot

2:19 PM  

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