Monday, February 27

DADDY ? can you see me Daddy....


In a little shack down the back of sprocket2cog a little robot has been getting his head hacked good .The sound of cracking plastic filled the air and the V2's face fell free to the floor exposing his camera and eys to the world...oh the pain.... with a quick flick of the wrist and some more creaks and groans the rest of his head was soon following the face, planting themselves on the floor...(face plant ?) now the real fun begin's , taking a roll of tape and some padding I procceded to wrap his throat in a constricting bind to hold his head high when it went on, the plastic wrapping needed to create a friction joint with his new cranium.
Next We placed the inside of a roll of aluminium foil ( read carboard tube) over his neck and fed the camera and brainboard through to make sure we wouldnt get caught out later.
Now with a size reference to cut a hole in our head we went to work, sawing and grinding away at a large foam ball, ears eyes and nose portals were cut and a space for his camera and additional power support carved from the soft fleshy foam that would soon be alive, ALIVE I TELL YOU....
felt was layed inside to protect from static in the foam and damage from dropping him and gluded in with a hot glue gun...bad idea , within seconds of the heated goo touching his head holes appeared as if an allergic reaction was occuring, who would have thought a plastic robot that cant take the heat...
Plan "B" out with the liquid nails a sort of intoxicating contact glue that melts and binds foam together in a predictable way, nice, Adding pieces cut from smaller balls. and a strap from some broken headphones completed his ears with some nice looking headphones,now we just had to wait for it to dry.
Next day we took his little head back off and raced it down to our spray bay and hit it with a coat of paint ready for the final color and finish to be added.
YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW. well after painting it black, green white and the yellow, we decided to stay with the yellow, that and if we got anymore coats of paint on it the V2 was nt going to lift his head up from all that weight, Ill have to tell him hes not that good..!
Anyway next step we decided to make him have a removable skull section so we can tickle his sensors and play with his parts easier, so we mounted magnets from dissected H-Drives (hyper drive ?) and placed several on the head sections with contact pins in the top half to hold it on, it works great if he doesnt fall over , which he does often, sending his skull flying across the room.
The sensors are free mounted under the felt or with blutack adhesive for easy removal if needed and i might have to add some red eys aswell . the power board is to supply 3 volt power to a FET and addtional power in the head later, so it dosnt draw more power.
so a few days work and painting and the hew head is on and functioning, now what......


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