Thursday, January 26


Here a shot of the microbric prototypes that were made before the release of the viper.
These boards have lots of other features not seen on the viper so as you can see there is a great deal of kits and parts that they can follow up with. Lego used to be the robot kit of choice for many people looking to break into robotics, even die hard hackers and builders normally have some lego in it some where. I mean when nasa uses three Lego bricks to hold down the camera callibration disc on the mars rovers . You got to start wondering if LEGO is getting like the cow ? In IT going way back to the start at MIT and other great places the joke was , if you can , include a cow... so now we see cows jumping up all over the net. Maybe robtics and lego are like that, if you dont have one piece of lego hidden away inside somewhere you just dont get it ;) It`s sort of like the old skool idea that every good car had wood in it...
where am i going with this ?? who knows but if it makes you think tha the viper might be better the the lego offerings ? then my mission here is done...:P
So hang on And I will be writing up the first reveiw on the viper next week.


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