Monday, January 16


HI V2...hows the plastic ?
human: brain
SapienCHAT : My creator placed most of my system`s in my body.

human: body
SapienCHAT : It is called a torso try the word torso instead.

human: torso
SapienCHAT : This area contain`s all my motor drivers and memory circuits ,it is jammed pack of goodies.

human: is it
SapienCHAT : I assume so.

human: who said that ?
SapienCHAT : I can't remember who said it.

human: maybe sprocket ?
SapienCHAT : Perhaps. I will mention that to my botmaster, it may be his name ;-) do you know sprocket ?

Well the sapienCHAT programming is comming along with the addition of several hundred new words and phrase strings entered into the ALICE data base files.
I have redone the front page so it scales better on diffrent moniters and added a link to a diffrent page that shows you the last 6 questions you entered and the answers so you can back track a bit to see what was said.

If you want a verbose log of the entire conversation , email me, but please only ask for a full transcription if you really had a good conversation, not just swearing etc.
anyway if you want to see the bot head over to sapienCHAT
and if you want a history version, go to,

I am slowly adding the robosapien`s systems and spend about 2-3 hours a day programing and interacting with it.
try typing in plastic or resistor to see what i mean, try entering plastic over and over to see how the advanced sentance structures are developing, the sentances are being stripped into components and reformated with a list of possiable replacement words inthat phrase, then a whole list of these is added to one answer so tyou can have three or more answers that even when they come up again, actually have a word or two changed, like make becomes create or can you becomes will you, and so on.
The bot has appeared in the pandorabots top ten list now as well, with it reaching around 1000 responses in 24 hours a few day`s ago.

sapienCHAT is alive


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