Thursday, January 12


I was leaving a friends yesterday and went to pull the clutch on my GPZ in and BANG !.
The cable snapped just inside the handgrip leaving me stranded miles from home....
So what to do when you dont have a spare or your own work shop and worst of all its time for lunch....
well fortunely my friends do have a well stocked workshop and its well sorted too so it wasnt long that with some digging, a pen and paper and some measurements that i managed to formulate a plan.
step 1. take off the cable and loosen the bottom on the motor so it gives you more cable to play with.
2. now get a screw cable connector for 240v power and strip off the outer plastic, inside is a brass tube with two screws sticking know the sort, i even found one once in a 12 volt UFO lamp.
3. pass the cable into the tube tighten up the screws , not too tight though.
4. reassemble it all feeding the brass scree out the bottom of the handle not the side to reduce friction.
5. spray a good dose of lubricant on it and let it sit for 5 mins to penetrate so it reduces the load on the hack and presto theres your fix to get home.
dont loose the tension bolt and if the break is not right near the very end of the cable there wont be enough length to try this out.
warning this is a roadside fix to get home, the new cavble arrives tommorrow and that goes in then.
dont try this one at home....


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