Thursday, January 12


Well in my search for ways to control the v2 sapien I decided to send the guys at microbric an email and guess what ..?
ill let you read it here as it also shows you where to go to get help and the manuals so you can read up on ocerseas ? well it may be avaliable to you sooner then you think...

You can download the Basic Atom Manual from the link below.

The freqout command will only go up to around 32k, however there is a built in hardware pulse width modulator built in, that is able to go up to 2.5Mhz. The HPWM is only available on pin 9 & pin 10. So yes the Viper can output 38-40 Khz, but only on pins 9 and 10.

If all goes well, we should have other products to market within the next six months.

Over the coming weeks, there will be the facility to purchase online for international customers.

I will dig around to find some pics of the older prototypes for you. Are you on dial up or broadband so I know how many pictures to send :)


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