Wednesday, January 25


Well I was kindly pointed to the lego educational site in regards to the new NXT due out soon and was surprised to see answers to questions not posted to the nxt blog...? surely LEGO wants us all to know about their new toy ?
anyway the site to see is

Some of the things I found out there include,
The education model will ship with rechargable batteries, the lego nxt most likly wont have datalogging software out untill 2007 and then it ay just be for the educational release...(DOH!)
The older lego sensors can be joined to the new NXT, lego educational mentions sets of sensor adaptor cables for you to use.but only to schools ??? come on what is this ???
That means it shouldnt be to hard to build adaptors at home to add the older sensors to it if we dont see the cables.
The new NXT has the rotational sensors built it to it`s motors thats why there isnt one out yet, its in it LOL.
anyway The beast is loose and now we just wait for it to get here...
This year is going to be more fun then you can poke a brick at...A lego brick...


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