Sunday, January 15

Ive just started programming a chatbot called sapienCHAT.

Its only a few days old so give it a (me ?) a chance to build up some nueral paths so it seems to at least have some sort of topical programing that relates to the V2. At the moment he is developing a basic sense of awareness with a basic knowledge base starting to form. So far he knows he dosnt have a power button in his back he knows a little about the main parts like his body and arms, and a few things about the hackers and modders online. At the moment his pathways are not very srpng but given time i hope he will be able to direct you to areas on the net that he can help with and to show images on repairs hack and mods as he see`s fit.

The way these robots are built make it hard to program some paths, but overall it has the potential to entertain and hopefully it can reach a stage where it actually solves robotic hack problems by redirecting to the source of the infomation rather then giving dumb answers.

Remember he is a few days old so check back with him from time to time as I add new content and a new front end that may have a flash BOT as well to give you somethink to look at.Eventually Ill have him running in portals on the hackraptor site, and on sprocket2cog.

Stay tuned or email me if you want certain things mentioned.

If you are having trouble with the logic and answers ,try entering keywords and checking your grammer and spelling, it is still a robot that we are forcing the human condition apon...take it easy, Im teaching him to cry tommorow :P

please dont leave your robots near the order building management


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