Monday, December 19


The chop shop has come back with the latest news from the parts sourcing adventures with some new brains and a supply of parts from several sources.
Ive removed the rcx brain from its plastic cranium and am preparing to mount it to the top of the raptor where the original brain was-is ? to give me easy acsess to the new ports.
The original brain will be mounted to the torso where the batteries are-were.... and hopefully will be acssesable via the old compartmaent door, allowing hotwiring of new sensors.
The batteries will be condensed into a smaller holder most likely a four cell 2x2 shape AA holder in the tail with two AA batteries mounted in the front of the torso area to help offset the weight of the new tail section and batteries.
a built in charger will be installed with a isolation switch to prevent damage to the circuits.
The Head is no longer the same with all the extra weight stripped to accomadate more sensors and motors for the battle raptor hacks including a fully controlable outh for combat.
two types of mouth could be used .snapping turtle or crushing snake.
with one allowing many repeated attacks and the later allowing a lock type jaw.
a new control interface combining both the exsisting raptor control and new control hardware will have to be built and a homoginized solution to control developed.


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