Thursday, December 1


I went down to my local dick smith store today to get some cable connectors not expecting to see the new viper kits on the shelves, I had made a phone call to them yesterday and they didnt think they would be here before christmas.
I was right there was none on the shelves, But one of the guys I know there came up from the back room with a box hidden under his arm. he glanced around quietly then slid the box towards me side on so i couldnt read it :)
He looked at me and said, hey - would you be interested in this....
I could tell by the look on my wifes face who could see the front of the box , that it was the viper kit from microbric...the time had come...
any way bottom line is my v2 at kmart has been taken off order and mario is matching the price on it as he got some in as well and hes throwing in a full set of batteries for the robot and controller.
and i put the viper on lay away, and preordered the line tracking modules for it to make it more fun.
The kit looks really good and includes the cable a full remote control (ir) cd rom software, the components and the screwdriver you need to put it all together.
With advanced projects featured much like mindstorms on the back of the box its safe to assume that these kits are aimed at the higher end robotics people first followed by the schools and kids into gadgets.
The packaging actually surprised me as its much better then i thought it would be and includes a plastic parts holder like the one inside the lego mindstorm boxes.
The blue punch out boards are a delight over the normal color kits, and the alloy look wheels give it that real "im a serious robot look, it will be fun to see how fast it goes.
The maind processor is a standard PIC chip, ut gone is the ic socket seen on the earlier gree moduales.
see previous post for an idea of where this kits pedigree comes from.
no idea where im getting the dollars to get it off hold but ill hock the kids if I have to...
Ill do a full reveiw for you as soon as I get the kit.
never not soon enough......
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