Monday, December 19


Just as a bit of fun Ive replaced my mini V2 head with one of its arms while I add stuff to the head ( which is held together by four glued pins).
Im also taking out the motor as its the same as the mini V1 giving two motors that arent that big and have gears inside already.
ill keep you posted.


Blogger knitsu-evosapien said...

Hey man havnt chatted to you in a while

hope all is well

NIce little Hack.......

maybe u should add the hand to Roboraptor so he can grab stuff lol

4:21 PM  
Blogger sprocket2cog said...

Hey,knitsu..long time no see.
Yeah alls, well, i was going to hack the arms to the raptor...but they dont work they just sit there..
they do look good on it though..i have tried!
great minds think alike...or is that fools seldom differ?

8:27 AM  

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