Tuesday, November 8

V2 Robosapien Destroys Robotics LAB in Canada

LATEST NEWS. WE HAVE JUST REVEICED A COMMUNICATION FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD THAT SUGGESTS THAT THE ROBOT UPRISING HAS BEGUN, Knitsu of solarbotics.net is hacking heads again..and this time hes at it with the video output on his V2.He`s tring to work out how to get the feed into his pc and create the first telerobosapien... well v2 anyway. I saw him yell out from here that his hack has hardley started when it went horribly wrong..I first thought we might need a little plastic luch box to put the v2 in..(burnt plastic gets out from wooden coffins) and i said a few words on his behalf.. But on further investication I discovered that not only had the V2 not been killed, it had sucseffully carried out a secret hack ninja attack on his Dual core Pc causing it to explode into a thousand shards of thermolite... well maybe not, but it wouldnt turn on which is nearly as bad.. heres the transcript..

spROCKET2cOg says:
ive got to ask...WHAT happened
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
oh wow!
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
tried some USB jacking
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
to the 4 pins on V2 vision
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
and messed up my Dual Core PC
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
it wont work
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
so now im on a Athlon that can barely support Wifi for data transfer.... arg... but im going all out and finishing this test... even if this machine blows!!!!!!
spROCKET2cOg says:
cool, at least it wasnt the v2,

more later.


Blogger roschler said...

Laughing my robotic rear end off. :)

9:50 AM  
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