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This is a respone to a forum question on the raptor that i thought you might like to read, if you havent already checked them out, head over to the robosapien-raptor forums here ,here and here...

Hawke wrote:
Hey guys Im new here and me got myself a raptor too, its my first robot and I love it. The thing worrying me (and I paid CAD $109 for it) is it says that inthe manual it has got over 40 pre-programmed functions, but all I have seen is that he has 3 moods and three different responses in those moods, what are the other functions? And one more thing, when I trigger his tail sensor he only looks one way not the other if I do it continously, is what its suppose to do or somethings wrong? And sometimes if I leave him in free roam mode, it will stop to sense objects but it still continues to go onwards even thought the wall is right in front of him, is it because its reaction time is slow or something?

My response was-
Very Happy Hi, the forty functions are each action its got,
things like the movement, and also the intelect it shows ie the moods and reactions.
The other things you wanted to know.

    the tail sensor only triggers one response per mode, but it does change dedending on the amount of times pressed and the mood its it. Some times if you press the tail three times in a row it triggers a new respose, but before that it will only turn one way, normally to the left because thats the default side for the bite

    the head sensors trigger diffrent response in free roam mode, are you sure that he has seen the wall or not? and if he can it may be that irs too bright for the refelected IR and its flooding the sensors so it cant tell where it is.
    I noticed that if you cross feed the nasal sensors using optical fibres you can trigger the opposite ir sensor then the side your on.

as mentioned Wink flat batteries can restrict the sensors ability to see things as well as decrease its ability to walk, im really hacking the raptor here, she is stripped right down ,but im going to have her up and running in about 2 weeks.

Ill post more on my blog www.sprocketslog.blogspot.com
when i do rebuild her, im running test to see if the sensors can be read while the motor power is disconnected at the power source, if so then the sensors shouldnt drop out when the batteries go flat, as im guessing the raptor power circuit was designed to allow the additon of bigger 6v power for the motors and still allow the processor to function on the AA 3v power.
more on this later.
sprocket Twisted Evil


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