Saturday, November 5


Way back when... i was about 12 I think, and my dad got my brother and I one of these armatron arms, complete with a plastic atomic fuel cell with stuff ( balls and cones) that you had to pick up in the time limit.
This was cool for its day with 5 degrees of freedom and rubber pads on its claw, it couldpick action figures up all day :P
One of my mates around the corner has one in his room...he wont sell it and theres a que anyway of about 10 people who want it...
oh well, ill have to make my own me thinks.
this would sell really well again if tit was released to the puplic...but toy makers dont have a clue sometimes...
any way im off to find more cool stuff and hack some robots.
later gators...
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Blogger tempusmaster said...

Armatron! Armatron! Armatron!
When we first moved to Japan in 1982 it was the day after Halloween. My Japanese co-workers were concerned about us spending our first Christmas here far away from our home country. So, they banded together and bought us all special Christmas presents. I've forgotten what most of the presents were now, but the one that really sticks in my memory is the Armatron they bought especially for my 10 year old son....

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