Tuesday, November 8


While it may seem small in the overall scheme of things, Ive decided to post soe of the special things I come up with all over the net at diffrent times and places to let people who vist my site or blog or map or.....
well you get the idea, The idea is that the people who check out my sites will find what they are looking for if they look around, my site is as much about the journey as it is the destination so things like animated imagges, sounds, and hacks will be posted to the map portal and robosapien hack forums around the net.
Oh and if you dont alraedy know where or what im talking about ?
Then you havent really decided to find out how far the rabbit hole really goes..

there is never enough sheep to feed the robots so the smell of wool filled the air as they headed home to the farm..render!
did you ever get the feeling that i dont know what im doing ? then find something else to think about...or try to thing of 18 independent thoughts all at the same time, oh and dont hold your breath....
the hackedraptor..is it a bar full of mob gangsters? Or some weird experiment into art and technology? oh well we never will know, thats life...
So whats the POINT? well there is none. the image i posted is a spinning robot at wwrb and really is a waste ofspace. eye candy, a bit like this post really.

ideas for robot names #72

- robot+homosapien=robosapien
-robot+pet=shitsu ?

-robot+homoerectis=roboerectis....well i can see why they didnt go there.

one robosapien turned to the other one and said something that nobody understood, but the smell just got worse..
then his V2 mate just said something about three laws and ran off in to the night looking for an Aibio to beat up and pinch his batteries from..


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