Friday, November 4

Getting it right....

Well things take time to get right and some things never change, do you ever get the feeling that some people cant see the forrest from the trees ? well im one of them.
One of the problems with an over active imagination, i tend to incorprate ideas into things that maybe I shouldnt, but I figure I need the inspiration to stay focused so I write down everything so I can see all my ideas together, no matter how small or trival they may seem to others. I used to do this on a sketch pad, but recentlly decided to expose my self for good or bad on the internet, sometimes the best intentions can go astray and lead us off the path we have choosen, the best we can hope for is that we didnt step on too many toes, but thats the chance we take isnt it ?

now that Ive got that off my chest its time to let you in on the hack raptor plans.
all the plans I complete will be open source, i dont plan to make any money off this enterprise, i mean i dont even use adds, Im thinking of donating some ideas into the beam archives but ill let you know soon if I can come up with a good idea.
the ideais to have a complete site devoted t o raptor hacking from the tools, systems, parts, and plans needed to get it right, as you can imagine this takes time and space to create a site with this content and with my daughter in hospital for nearly two weeks its been a big hold up for me.

But heres what i have got done so far :

The fm radio for the sound out is finished.
The new Aerial is wound.
The main board in the raptor is removed ready to get to the top control beam to add a new mouth pully cable.
the tail from the mini raptor is waiting to go on the tip .
the eye circut has been designed , but we are deciding on the trigger system for it.
and finally we have decided to leave off a large amount of the plasticshell to replace it with bigger sections of sculpted foam to reduce weight. this with extensive testing with Lego controllers over the next few months should allow us to find out how the motors work in the raptor to get it walking.
Hopefully this infomation will help out others as well.
ill keep you posted soon about the new site that is hosting the raptor hacks, I plan to move all the content there soon, and update with more content..
expected launch date should be the 1 december.
Allways looking to help not hinder


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