Wednesday, November 9


Well doing a quick run around the net checking out my hits and links and I came across this comment over at the best hack collection around, hackaday.
It appears some people cant afford a mute button on their keyboards. or dont know that if you right click on the flash file you can kill the playback, stopping the sound.

Posted Oct 20, 2005, 11:13 AM ET by Nephroth

*sigh* Websites that make noise, especially as much as "Sprocket2cog" need to die.

In fact, Flash in general needs to die, it draws poor web designers in like moths to a candle.

*SIGH* Hackers who cant communicate directly their ideas should be fed a steady diet of apple imac programs,
Oh and my poor design scored like 11000 hits in two weeks. some pretty "BAD" design work dude way cool...later on the flip side...ASSHOLE`s are full of shit, it shows...
no candles just lots of moths coming to the searchlight....s2c


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