Tuesday, November 29


In the same vein as lego or meccano comes the next level !!!
This Aussie designed kits are avaliable at dick smith electronics stores.
With patetened edge connectors and complete modules, this kit only needs a small screw driver to assemble, no soldering and you can program it via the PC to the onboard PIC or ATOM proccessor.
add relays motors sensors and power kits to build line trackers ,sumos, and system controllers for games or industry style systems (automated system control).
They havent made all stores yet but ill be kitting there new viper kit early next year, theres no images on the web site of it but its knife styled add ons and blue circuit boards make it look really cool.

Monday, November 21


Yesterday went to a medievil event in Fremantle with a group of guys ive knowen for years,It was a great day but a little tiring. Ill add some pics on my blog later when I get home, Ive got the ride back to rockingham today.
Later Smurfettes...

Wednesday, November 16


While surfing the net looking for new articles on robotics i followed a thred and found this..
its a wowwee future release, a mongke head, whats the chance of that, my first name on the net was mongke so it seems fitting to have a robot mongey head
On the more mind-blowing and unusual side, is the new Wow Wee Robotics Alive Series. These are life-like, animated, remote-controlled robot heads that include stereoscopic hearing so they can track your position and even your distance away. Wow Wee's first demonstration of this technology is a frighteningly real looking monkey head with a fully articulated face. The real stunner, though, is the expected price: $129. George York, Wow Wee's chief designer on the project said he's been working with the company's divisions in Hong Kong and China to have the robots ready for a 2006 release.

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Sunday, November 13


Ever get the idea just to write nothing at all? well I do, so here it is. Ill add a photo to the post later of me writing nothing or maybe not....
the main reason was to see howfast the postings run on broad band, its alright but might be running on the limit of the bandwidth....dont know.

Wednesday, November 9


Well doing a quick run around the net checking out my hits and links and I came across this comment over at the best hack collection around, hackaday.
It appears some people cant afford a mute button on their keyboards. or dont know that if you right click on the flash file you can kill the playback, stopping the sound.

Posted Oct 20, 2005, 11:13 AM ET by Nephroth

*sigh* Websites that make noise, especially as much as "Sprocket2cog" need to die.

In fact, Flash in general needs to die, it draws poor web designers in like moths to a candle.

*SIGH* Hackers who cant communicate directly their ideas should be fed a steady diet of apple imac programs,
Oh and my poor design scored like 11000 hits in two weeks. some pretty "BAD" design work dude way cool...later on the flip side...ASSHOLE`s are full of shit, it shows...
no candles just lots of moths coming to the searchlight....s2c

Tuesday, November 8


This is a respone to a forum question on the raptor that i thought you might like to read, if you havent already checked them out, head over to the robosapien-raptor forums here ,here and here...

Hawke wrote:
Hey guys Im new here and me got myself a raptor too, its my first robot and I love it. The thing worrying me (and I paid CAD $109 for it) is it says that inthe manual it has got over 40 pre-programmed functions, but all I have seen is that he has 3 moods and three different responses in those moods, what are the other functions? And one more thing, when I trigger his tail sensor he only looks one way not the other if I do it continously, is what its suppose to do or somethings wrong? And sometimes if I leave him in free roam mode, it will stop to sense objects but it still continues to go onwards even thought the wall is right in front of him, is it because its reaction time is slow or something?

My response was-
Very Happy Hi, the forty functions are each action its got,
things like the movement, and also the intelect it shows ie the moods and reactions.
The other things you wanted to know.

    the tail sensor only triggers one response per mode, but it does change dedending on the amount of times pressed and the mood its it. Some times if you press the tail three times in a row it triggers a new respose, but before that it will only turn one way, normally to the left because thats the default side for the bite

    the head sensors trigger diffrent response in free roam mode, are you sure that he has seen the wall or not? and if he can it may be that irs too bright for the refelected IR and its flooding the sensors so it cant tell where it is.
    I noticed that if you cross feed the nasal sensors using optical fibres you can trigger the opposite ir sensor then the side your on.

as mentioned Wink flat batteries can restrict the sensors ability to see things as well as decrease its ability to walk, im really hacking the raptor here, she is stripped right down ,but im going to have her up and running in about 2 weeks.

Ill post more on my blog www.sprocketslog.blogspot.com
when i do rebuild her, im running test to see if the sensors can be read while the motor power is disconnected at the power source, if so then the sensors shouldnt drop out when the batteries go flat, as im guessing the raptor power circuit was designed to allow the additon of bigger 6v power for the motors and still allow the processor to function on the AA 3v power.
more on this later.
sprocket Twisted Evil

V2 Robosapien Destroys Robotics LAB in Canada

LATEST NEWS. WE HAVE JUST REVEICED A COMMUNICATION FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD THAT SUGGESTS THAT THE ROBOT UPRISING HAS BEGUN, Knitsu of solarbotics.net is hacking heads again..and this time hes at it with the video output on his V2.He`s tring to work out how to get the feed into his pc and create the first telerobosapien... well v2 anyway. I saw him yell out from here that his hack has hardley started when it went horribly wrong..I first thought we might need a little plastic luch box to put the v2 in..(burnt plastic gets out from wooden coffins) and i said a few words on his behalf.. But on further investication I discovered that not only had the V2 not been killed, it had sucseffully carried out a secret hack ninja attack on his Dual core Pc causing it to explode into a thousand shards of thermolite... well maybe not, but it wouldnt turn on which is nearly as bad.. heres the transcript..

spROCKET2cOg says:
ive got to ask...WHAT happened
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
oh wow!
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
tried some USB jacking
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
to the 4 pins on V2 vision
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
and messed up my Dual Core PC
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
it wont work
knitsu-RSv2 Hack Gone Wrong!!!! says:
so now im on a Athlon that can barely support Wifi for data transfer.... arg... but im going all out and finishing this test... even if this machine blows!!!!!!
spROCKET2cOg says:
cool, at least it wasnt the v2,

more later.


While it may seem small in the overall scheme of things, Ive decided to post soe of the special things I come up with all over the net at diffrent times and places to let people who vist my site or blog or map or.....
well you get the idea, The idea is that the people who check out my sites will find what they are looking for if they look around, my site is as much about the journey as it is the destination so things like animated imagges, sounds, and hacks will be posted to the map portal and robosapien hack forums around the net.
Oh and if you dont alraedy know where or what im talking about ?
Then you havent really decided to find out how far the rabbit hole really goes..

there is never enough sheep to feed the robots so the smell of wool filled the air as they headed home to the farm..render!
did you ever get the feeling that i dont know what im doing ? then find something else to think about...or try to thing of 18 independent thoughts all at the same time, oh and dont hold your breath....
the hackedraptor..is it a bar full of mob gangsters? Or some weird experiment into art and technology? oh well we never will know, thats life...
So whats the POINT? well there is none. the image i posted is a spinning robot at wwrb and really is a waste ofspace. eye candy, a bit like this post really.

ideas for robot names #72

- robot+homosapien=robosapien
-robot+pet=shitsu ?

-robot+homoerectis=roboerectis....well i can see why they didnt go there.

one robosapien turned to the other one and said something that nobody understood, but the smell just got worse..
then his V2 mate just said something about three laws and ran off in to the night looking for an Aibio to beat up and pinch his batteries from..

Monday, November 7



Hello world...welcome to the hacked raptor files the best in the nation this sapien says...this text is designed to attract search robot engines that are searching pages by there content.And contains keyword phrases and advanced metatag construction techniques.Several small news items have revealed the secrets to getting your sites pages and content rated higher then you could expect, the main thing overlooked by designers and contributers alike is the need to supply a attractor page for the bots to come, so come robots come like a running rabid raptor the tide of battle has turned, this robot from wow wee toys and robotics is a biomorphic domestic droid that mimics the natural rythems displayed in living animals . the gait and ambulation of the roboraptor is second to none. the abio has nothing on this beast this canine like creation from mark tilden demigod of cheap robots...the time is right for google yahoo and msn to locate the content that has been released to the puplic ..more files flash and fun coming with hacks mods (modifications) and program programing from the people in the know from evosapien.com sprocket2cog of twistedsouls.com

the ability to write large amounts of relevant robotics news that is current and fresh is something that we all must be good at if the site is to grow like a zapped raptor, mello to the robosapein owners and the robopets that have spread out like little pests to annoy the sony abios into submission, this site has flash content and will also contain java script and some media content including real media and dynamic images. well thats enough of this robot ramble, Im off to get some robots-dreams to inspire me to create the best robotics hack site on the net....;) hows that mr search engine...have you found us yet ?
this a a temporary txt entry that will be removed prior to the site launch.

hopefully featuring sections that contain
parts sources, systems diagostics, planning and preparation, basic and advanced hack sections, cosmetics and a links and infomation section about the raptor and other bionetic creations.fri 4th november 2005

An online guide to hacking the roboraptor created by Mark Tilden

Saturday, November 5


Way back when... i was about 12 I think, and my dad got my brother and I one of these armatron arms, complete with a plastic atomic fuel cell with stuff ( balls and cones) that you had to pick up in the time limit.
This was cool for its day with 5 degrees of freedom and rubber pads on its claw, it couldpick action figures up all day :P
One of my mates around the corner has one in his room...he wont sell it and theres a que anyway of about 10 people who want it...
oh well, ill have to make my own me thinks.
this would sell really well again if tit was released to the puplic...but toy makers dont have a clue sometimes...
any way im off to find more cool stuff and hack some robots.
later gators...
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A while ago i saw a wall climbing robot using a patented vortex technology, I jus found this toy over at sharperimage.com tha does the same thing.
It climbs wall using a vortex ( read reverse hovercraft) lift? or drag system.. that draws it to the wall. that with ultra light body parts and a low profile make it an ideal wall climber that with some tweaking may stick to a roof as well.
Add a small wireless cam for theultimate telerobot project..just have to supply your own brain...
heres the link to the vortex commercial robot,
have a look, you will see what I mean..cheap alternative to hack into one cool robot..
what a world we live in when this becomes a toy....
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Friday, November 4

Getting it right....

Well things take time to get right and some things never change, do you ever get the feeling that some people cant see the forrest from the trees ? well im one of them.
One of the problems with an over active imagination, i tend to incorprate ideas into things that maybe I shouldnt, but I figure I need the inspiration to stay focused so I write down everything so I can see all my ideas together, no matter how small or trival they may seem to others. I used to do this on a sketch pad, but recentlly decided to expose my self for good or bad on the internet, sometimes the best intentions can go astray and lead us off the path we have choosen, the best we can hope for is that we didnt step on too many toes, but thats the chance we take isnt it ?

now that Ive got that off my chest its time to let you in on the hack raptor plans.
all the plans I complete will be open source, i dont plan to make any money off this enterprise, i mean i dont even use adds, Im thinking of donating some ideas into the beam archives but ill let you know soon if I can come up with a good idea.
the ideais to have a complete site devoted t o raptor hacking from the tools, systems, parts, and plans needed to get it right, as you can imagine this takes time and space to create a site with this content and with my daughter in hospital for nearly two weeks its been a big hold up for me.

But heres what i have got done so far :

The fm radio for the sound out is finished.
The new Aerial is wound.
The main board in the raptor is removed ready to get to the top control beam to add a new mouth pully cable.
the tail from the mini raptor is waiting to go on the tip .
the eye circut has been designed , but we are deciding on the trigger system for it.
and finally we have decided to leave off a large amount of the plasticshell to replace it with bigger sections of sculpted foam to reduce weight. this with extensive testing with Lego controllers over the next few months should allow us to find out how the motors work in the raptor to get it walking.
Hopefully this infomation will help out others as well.
ill keep you posted soon about the new site that is hosting the raptor hacks, I plan to move all the content there soon, and update with more content..
expected launch date should be the 1 december.
Allways looking to help not hinder

Thursday, November 3


This is my preorder slip, cool isnt it, not many people will have one of these collectables down the track, 13 days to go......
oh and i got a pink mini rs1 as well. hmm robot shell . controllers...project robot line tracker maybe...

anyway, this ones not getting hacked, only the raptor is.

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Tuesday, November 1


WHOOO! its halloween so it seemed fitting to rip out the raptors brain....more walking dead !
any way the photo is the back of the board, (roboraptor), there is ( in the colored circle area) a group of three named contacts (already soldered ) with l-mic, r-mic and vo2...
looks like it might be usefull for adding switches to the audio circuits..

as they go to the ic on top not straight to the mic pin outs.
so best guess is direct switching of the transistors that activate the audio after preprocessing via the high low pass filters have been used.
the reason they are there? so they can test the board with out the mics plugged in... ..
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