Tuesday, October 25

Roachs Ride

Well it looks like this is the ultimate beam robot... I mean come on, its a madagascan cockroach riding a robot frame...what is it art, tech a waste of space...
let the maker, Garnet Hertz`s theisis tell you..
QUOTE: Are there other similar things you've heard of on a "folk" level... just ordinary people making stuff?Although I haven't seen this in person, I've heard of people constructing "bug kites" which consist of attaching several June Bugs (Phyllophaga crinita) onto a paper or balsa airplane. Some more details about this can be seen at http://www.craftygal.com/archives/november/table1100.htm. I have also seen fly-powered airplanes - you can actually buy them at http://www.flypower.com/. It is important to note a distinction between this project and these june bug / housefly projects: these projects involve permanently attaching the insects to the device, and therefore killing them.Posted by Picasa
So come on some one make one


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