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My mate Tempusmaster over at robotdreams has posted this article up about control "suit" for controlling a robot instead of a hand control.
Im thinking of a tilt switch type control that fits in your hand, while not the same its got some simularitys.
check out
for his artucle and a video etc.
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Blogger tempusmaster said...

Hi Sean - thanks for the link and the positive encouragement as always.

Control strategies are always a big, big issue. Unfortunately that's only going to get worse and worse as the robots get more and more complex. A lot of people I've talked to have had problems operating the Roboraptor - as simple and straight forward as we might think that is. Robosapien V2 is a whole other can of worms. The manual is 40 pages - with some graphics but mainly text - and they had to include a huge cheatsheet.

The main reason why I developed the PC based remote for my original Robosapien was to make the interface a whole lot more intuitive. Associating hand movements with the robot movements like you're proposing for the raptor is definitely the way to go.

Frankly, as you mentioned before, this type of approach also has a lot of potential applications to other man/machine interactions including assisted living and ability enhancement.

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