Friday, September 30


Have you noticed most of the comments you get are spam?
then go in to settings and turn on word verifcation to reduce this.
you would think that they would have something better to do ,like come up with an original idea to make money. I mean someone with the smarts to spam should be able to knock out some decent content and find ways to maximize their search engine optimization in all the major search engines including google nine msn and yahoo,.
One of the best ways to get a good start is to do a web search on all the major search engines for a name you want to use, try to pick something that returns few hits so you have less competition for the name space.
for example sprocket & cog is used a lot on the web as is s2c , but chuck in a odd character like a numeral or leave out any spaces might just get the place in the www that you want.
The next step...release the name into the world via as many places as you can think forums, blogs,chat rooms,free content ,developer links ,open source projects ,community projects, school programs and any where else you can get some free (yes that is free) content out to the people`s.
then develop a site and links to areas on the net that require your traffic.
advertisments, sales sites like ebay, online shops, discount music files,multimedia content,information streams. hey if you got it you can sell it, its just a matter of finding avenues that most of the mainstream computer users are using, like ebay, google,yahoo,zazzle the list goes on.
do it right and develop your own content and the rest is history.


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